Tips to Follow to get an Interview Call

Tips to Follow to get an Interview Call

Gone are days when engineers used to tell about their profession with pride and are used to be less in number.  In the past, Streams like arts & sciences were equally considered by the students as careers. But then software  came and Internet & World Wide Web which did lot of good to the world and at the same time ruined the minds of young students by enticing them with lots of money.

Result: Now, everyone wants to become an Engineer and thanks to the education system in India which is facilitating the students with enough seats by approving engineering colleges even with little or no infrastructure. As the money is enticing & government is encouraging, it is natural that every student aspires to be an engineer or they were made to aspire by their parents.

As each academic year completes, there comes a batch of engineers out into the market with the dream of getting into a Multinational company.  But the tough competition and less openings makes it difficult for a fresher to at least get an Interview call.
One should not just give up because of this, rather find out better ways to get a job and to make your job search little easier, here are 5 things you can do to increase your chances of getting an Interview call.

1.       Apply Early

Though the concept looks fairly simple, students do not understand how HR process works in a company.  Recruitment involves lot of effort from the companies. They get thousands of applications for tens of openings and companies do not have budget to have many HR’s  go through each resume and hand pick the good ones. So as soon they give an advt for opening, they are getting the resumes which they need in a day. So make sure you apply as soon as they see a post. Though this might not apply for every company, it is always suggested to apply early before the company stops taking apps. To apply early always keep an eye on the job portals for information and shoot your resume as soon as you find an opening.

2.       Customize your resume

Majority of the companies do not in take freshers for a particular technology, rather they would be trained depending upon the business need. While some do mention the requirement as Java/.Net and it makes sense to customize your resume accordingly. Highlight the technology and projects related to it in the first place in the resume.

3.   Upload resume in every job portal

You never know which employer would choose which job portal for profiles. So the simplest thing you can do is to upload your resume in all the famous job portals, including some international portals like I personally got some calls by doing this way, so no harm you try this too. I did upload my resume in more than 100 portals including job portals and company career pages.

4.       Write exams like E-Litmus, AM-CAT

As the companies do not have budget to assess thousands of students, they are relying on third party companies like E-Litmus, AM-CAT etc to filter the candidates based on their aptitude & technical test scores. This gives the companies a refined list of candidates. So give all of them a shot and get good scores which will probably get you at least one Interview call.
Some do ask me about these exams and if they are worth the money, i would only say this is all the investment you would need. Never compromise on proven exams & never ever spend on futile training’s or back door opportunities.

5.       Network, Find a Referral

Many people do not realize the power of networking and assume it is very trivial. But how many do believe when i say Go to conferences meet people and develop your network. LinkedIn, Quora & GitHib should be the places you live, not Face book.
Following this steps would enhance your chances of getting an Interview call and i know many of the fresher’s are hungry enough to convert the first call as an offer.

Your life is what you make of it, so please do not make stupid excuses for not getting a job or an interview call for that matter. Research & find out what it takes to get an interview call and how to turn it to an offer. 


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