New Features of Java SE 7

New Features of Java SE 7:

Java SE was released on 28 July 2011. Its code name is Dolphin. It was first launched on 7 July 2011 but made available to general public on 28 July 2011. During development period, 13 milestone was achieved.
Following is the list of new features added to the Java 7 :

  • Java Virtual Support for dynamic languages
  • Java HotSpot Virtual Machine Performance Enhancements
  • Changes in Java Programming Languages :
    • Strings in Switch statement.
    • Try with Automatic resource Management.
    • Enhanced Type Inference for Generic Instance Creation
    • Improved Compiler Warnings and Errors When Using Non-Reifiable Formal Parameters with Varargs Methods 
    • Binary literals
    • Underscores in Numeric Literals
    • Multiple Exception Catching  and  Exceptions Rethrowing  with Improved Type Checking 
  • Concurrency Utilities
  • Two new packages, java.nio.file and java.nio.file.attribute , are added to improve platform independence and add support for metadata and symbolic links.
  • XRender-Based Rendering Pipeline for Java2D
  • Security enhancement : Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), CertPath Algorithm Disabling  etc
  • Swing Enhancements : JLayer Class, Nimbus Look & Feel, ease in mixing Heavyweight and Lightweight components, Shaped and Translucent Windows, HSL Color Selection in JColorChooser Class.
  • Networking Enhancements : Enhanced support for new network protocol like SCTP and Sockets Direct Protocol , addition of URLClassLoader.close method.
  • XML Enhancements : inclusion of JAXP, also support JAXB, JAX-WS
  •  Internationalization Enhancements : supports Unicode 6.0.0 , Support for ISO 4217 Currency Codes, Locale Class Supports BCP47 and UTR35, Unicode 6.0 Support in Regular Expressions API etc.
  • Enhancement of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) : Requesting and Customizing Applet Decoration in Dragg able Applets, Embedding JNLP File in Applet Tag, Deploying without Codebase, Handling Applet Initialization Status with Event Handlers


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