learn jdbc from here


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  1. Hi,
    Nice piece of information shared..thanks a lot
    I have a question in my mind which has more scope in IT sectors these days java or c++ ? I have interest in learning java but i am a little confused from where should i do my 6-weeks training from.. i have heard about http://www.wiziq.com/course so searched a lot and then came across http://www.wiziq.com/course/12145-the-6-week-complete-java-primer-with-training-certificate but do not know how is it going to work for me . I wanted to know if anybody has studied from this website ? or tell me any other guidance…

  2. HARSHA'S says:

    thank you for watching this blog. java is more better to learn than c++. java has more features. am planing to post more use full program's also these are vary use full in realtime

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